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Worship & Music 



          Here at St. John's worship is a central part of our faith life as the church. In worship we follow the most ancient form of the liturgy that was celebrated by the earliest Christians of the 1st Century. 

         While we strive to incorporate the essential parts of worship, utilizing the ancient form of liturgy also allows for the ever-changing and modernization of various aspects of Christian worship. While we believe the liturgy is an essential part of our religious worship life, it doesn't mean we are not up for trying new things. Whether it's new music, different forms of worship, or innovative preaching methods we strive to create a welcome, open, and thought provoking, Spirit filled worship experience. 



Martin Luther has been quoted as saying “next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise." Here at St. John's we take that truth to heart. Music is a central part of our worship service along with other activities we engage in together. Thanks to our wonderfully talented Music Director and organist, Charles Griffin, we have a vibrant and spirit filled service. We are thankful for our music that ranges from the beautiful sounds of our pipe organ every Sunday, to our various special music such as choir pieces, and other instrumental guests. If you are a music lover you will enjoy gathering with us as we celebrate and spread the Word of God through the gift of music. 


Blended Worship 

Blue Skies

What is Blended Worship?

We believe that worship is not only a time of praise and thanksgiving to God, but a time of spiritual growth and exploration as well. Working in a collaborative setting we have created a new Blended Worship Service. This service will be once a month and will include our normal liturgical model of worship while allowing for a creative space for the Spirit to move among us. This is a new model of worship for us that we are hoping to grow in the coming year. 

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