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About Us

St. John's was established in 1902, when our official charter was signed. The first church building was opened on Stahr Road & Park Avenue, in Melrose Park in 1904. In order to accommodate a growing congregation a new building was dedicated on April 13, 1913 in our current Melrose Park location.  As the years have gone by our community has evolved and grown in many ways. But, the one thing that has always stayed the same is our commitment to sharing the Good News of Christ by words and acts of love. 

St. John's is dedicated to serving others and revealing God's love. We are committed to creating a space where others feel safe, welcomed, and loved for who they are. In order to cement that commitment, in 2021 St. John's became a Reconciling in Christ congregation. This means that in this place we welcome all people no matter your sexual orientation, gender identity, race, economic status, immigration status, or any other way you identify. We are dedicated to proclaiming that God's love is for all and that for God, you are enough. This core belief is at the center of who we are. 


Our Staff
Rev. Felicia Swartz
Linda McCabe

Administrative Assistant

Charles Griffin
Lisa Terry 

Director of  Music


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