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Dog on Pink

June SPCA/Paws Donation Drive

During June we will be collecting items for local animal shelters. 

Items Needed: Clean towels and blankets, pet food, treats, non-clumping cat litter

Social Ministry 

St. John's is involved in many types of social ministry programs that are at their heart focused on helping our neighbor. These include helping our local neighbors, as well as those around the world. Each season we have designated projects that benefit various groups. From our summer months where we gather donations for the local SPCA to gathering school supplies for children in need. Our winter months are focused on collecting Christmas gifts for children of the local GEMMA Organization, which helps children in need, too many more projects. We also make an effort to help nationwide and worldwide organizations. Recently we made a designated effort during the season of Lent to donate to the ELCA Disaster Relief that helped those fleeing violence in Ukraine. The funds directly help those resettling in various parts of Europe at this time. Our call as the people of God is focused on serving others no matter where or who they are. We continue to find new ways in which we can help those in need. 

Christian Education

Education is a central part of our faith story. As such here at

St. John's we have made it a point to have regular educational opportunities. These range from Bible Studies on various scriptures, to other topics such as types of prayer, exploring other faith traditions, and so on. As of now we are meeting on Zoom only, but anyone is welcome to join us. Updated information on our various changing topics of education can be found here. Please check back as we update our information. 

Spiritual Development 

We have dedicated parts of our worship, education and other programs on the development of our spiritual care. In the past we have done programs based around prayer including learning how to pray and new variations of prayer. We are always looking for ways in which we can incorporate spiritual development as a part of our weekly worship.


New Generation Fund 

Each year we prayerfully explore where we might serve the needs of those beyond our local community. Our New Generation Fund is essential to this social ministry outreach. The New Generation Fund is designated each year for a specific cause or group and donations are taken throughout the year to support their ministry. 

2024 New Generation Fund

Our 2024 NGF recipient is World Service. World Service is a part of the humanitarian arm of the Lutheran World Federation Organization. A global group that focuses on service all around the world. Their World Service arm supports healthcare efforts in hospitals in Gaza and the West Bank. They also support education programs, disaster relief, food programs and service programs. Their work is spread all around the world from the Sudan, to Honduras and more. They are working to create a just, peaceful and reconciled world. 

For more information see the link below. 

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